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goldcreartiv is happy to fulfil its customers´ wishes. All objects can be made to specifications.

Should you be interested in an object, or should you have any questions, just contact me.


Decoration - cube in silver - goldcreartiv turning point - figures - goldcreartiv candlestick in silver- barrel - goldcreartiv different objects - goldcreartiv flowerpot in gold - goldcreartiv innovative door design - goldcreartivhead in gold - goldcreartiv antler of a deer in gold - goldcreartiv ball with goldleaves - goldcreartiv gold plated wine bottle - goldcreartiv mirrorframe platet with moongold - goldcreartiv gilded baroque mask  - goldcreartivframe in silver- bole gilding - goldcreartiv light installation gold by goldcreartiv Compostion Blu and Silver - goldcreartiv gilded doll clothes- goldcreartiv gilded doll clothes, autumn - goldcreartiv  gilded mobile - hearts - goldcreartivantique frame - goldcreartiv statue in gesso with goldleaves - goldcreartiv gilded statue in gesso with gold and moongold - goldcreartiv gilded statue in gesso with gold and moongold -goldcreartiv  gilded angelhead, bole gilding - goldcreartiv ball with goldleaves, bole gilding - goldcreartivgilded Angel in gold and moongold - goldcreartiv Statue in gesso black and moongold - goldcreartiv pictures with goldleaves - goldcreartiv St. Mary, praying , bole gilding - goldcreartiv Statue in gesso with goldleaves - goldcreartiv Statue in gesso with goldleaves - goldcreartivStatue with gilded crown - goldcreartiv gilded object- goldcreartiv gilded frame in citrongold - goldcreartiv Frame with palladium, patina - goldcreartiv Table with composition gold designed by goldcreartivgilded doll clothes, christmas - goldcreartiv gilded dummy - goldcreartivgilded candle stick, barrel - goldcreartivmirrorframe, bole gilding, goldleaves - goldcreartiv