Scope of work

Gold stimulates the spirit, fortifies heart and blood, and confers majesty and strength

Classic gilding is surface finishing at the highest level.

Leaf gilding is possible for nearly every surface.

Poliment gilding is regarded as the most demanding gilding technique. A leaf of gold, with a thickness of 1/10 000mm, is applied to the object and, using an agate stone, burnished so as to achieve a high lustre.

This requires up to thirty individual steps an a lot of patience.

Materials, such as gesso, colours and patina are still produced in accordance with old recipes.

In cooperation with joiner, carver, masons, smith, painter or sculptors, new figurines, ornaments and forms are created, which can then be finished, by applying a variety of gilding techniques.

The splendour of old times

…is often no more than a faint memory with many objets d’art. The surface may have deteriorated, the colour may be coming off in certain places – and yet: they are too valuable to be simply thrown away. Many an old piece holds fond memories or is a highly valuable antique.

Goldcreartiv focuses on preserving an object’s cultural value, without losing sight of its history. This requires great respect for the historical artefact, the use of reversible materials and methods, precise assessments, and the documentation of all necessary measures.

Farben sind wie eine Sprache und so facettenreich wie Gefühle

Nature shows us that colours are a part of our lives. So why forgo them?

Whether it is stencilling, spatula and smoothing technique, ornamental or decorative colour design, Goldcreartiv develops blueprints on the basis of the customer’s wishes and suggestions, offers creative support, and develops the optimal solution together with the customer.

Poetry for the eyes

Trompe-l’oeil – playing with reality
Making a room appear larger, using light and dark to create fascinating effects, staging a world of moods and experiences – this is what trompe-l’oeil does.

Murals always start with the first drafts. Together with the customer the ideas are put on paper. Only a completely thought-through concept can give the customer a clear picture of a room’s future appearnce, and a lot of time will be saved later on, when the painting is realised.

Illusion at the highest level

Here, imitation surfaces – wood or stone – are painted on.

Goldcreartiv can imitate any type of wood or stone – just as you wish.

Wood, such as walnut, oak, burl, as well as various types of marble, such as Carrara, yellow Siena, or black marble.

Precious metals to create a special ambience

Mastery of traditional gilding techniques makes it possible to augment them, and thus to create new, harmonious designs for your home.

Manual skill ensures that every surface will receive its unique character.