Poetry for the eyes...

precious metals creating a unique ambience

...Innovative surface design

surface finishings at the highest level

designing precious home accessories

Because creativity is what makes us human.


stands for products which fuse arts and crafts, which harmoniously unite creativity, individuality, elegance and utility.

Ing. Barbara Oberlerchner-Nemec 

Meisterin für Vergoldungen, Restaurationen, Malerei und Design

Marburggasse 6/1

1220 Wien

0043 664 43 66 922


Gold stimulates the spirit, fortifies heart and blood, and confers majesty and strength

Scope of work


Gilder Barbara shows how it’s done! Watch the television report on goldcreArtiv from the Research & Discovery programme.


Innovative surface design

Surface finishings of the highest level

Scope of work