Goldcreartiv courses

Because creativity is what makes us human.

Time for art and creativity?

The Goldcreartiv workshop also offers gilding courses:
Customised courses for individuals or groups by appointment.

The dates for guilding workshops cannot be fixed yet due the current Covid-19 situation. Thank you for your understanding!

Courses for adults:

Saturday ___________ from 1 pm to 5 pm; (registration deadline: __________)
(minimum 4/ maximum 8 participants) Course fee: € 60 per participant, including material costs

  • introduction to various techniques of gilding
  • understanding materials and tools
  • practical gilding of simple decorative objects or presents with composition gold

Courses for children:

Sunday ____________ from 1 pm to 4:30 pm; (registration deadline: ____________)
(minimum 4/ maximum 8 participants) Course fee: € 40 per participant, including costs of materials

  • introduction to the job of a gilder, guided tour of the workshop
  • painting, gilding and crafting simple objects
  • presentation of a certificate of participation for each child

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